SWIR Machine Vision Application

SWIR Machine Vision Light in Machine Vision Application

 As the product quality inquiry become more serious now, more and more products need to check the inside defects so that the product quality is complete is fine. Current now, there is two different ways to make such inside defects inspection, one way is X-ray, another way is SWIR Machine Vision Light, but X-ray is just for badly defects, for the slight defects, it is some hard to get obvious images, so we will consider the SWIR Machine Vision Light, as the machine vision light can achieve the dark field illumination and bright field illumination so that it is easier to get good defects image. Below are some examples of our inspection applications.

Anther important thing is the related SWIR camera and SWIR lens, especially the camera sensor, it is related the wavelength received, here are two types of SWIR camera is related SWIR receiving for reference. The first one SWIR area scan camera, another one this the line scan camera.

For the SWIR machine vision light, we have different wavelength to choose from 1000nm to 1700nm. Warm welcome to contact with us for more machine vision application, if you need such support.