SBS Vision Products Lines

LED Machine Vision Light

SBS Vision provides many different types of light for machine vision application. We also provide customized design service, normally we can provide the samples within 10 working days.

LED Light Controller

SBS Vision LED controller is small dimension with very high power output with thousand watts to meet different demand, With the sequence function, it makes many lights working with just signal input.

Area Scan Camera

SBS Vision provides many different high performance with good price area scan camera to meet the customers’ different demand, o that they get a better machine vision components support.

Focal Lens

SBS Vision provides many different types of focal lens with different resolutions and focus length. All of the focal lens with high performance and good price. Most of lens can be also shipped within 3 days.

Line Scan Camera

SBS Vision provides many differenty types of line scan camera for the high speed application demand. In order to help the customers use it easily, the compatible frame grab will also good choice.

Line Scan Lens

SBS Vision provides excellent optical performance and uniform imaging from center to edge of 4K and 8K line scan lens with different focus for compatible of our line scan camera using. Short lead time.

Telecentric Lens

SBS Vision provides high resolution dual telecentric lens for high resolution machine vsion application. We also provide special customize design service for the special machine vision applications.

Telecentric Line Scan Lens

SBS Vision provides high performance line scan lines for high resolution and high speed machine vision applications. The special optical design brings different image results. Lending samples for test is available.


Customized Design

We have more than 20 experienced customized design engineers for the lighting and optics design, they have many years experiences in machine vision application, so we are very flexiable to provide customized design, most of the products can be provided within 2 weeks, for urgent demand, we can even short within 5 days.


As a technical company, we are not just providing products simply, but also making different innovation and creativity, so that our products lines can catch up the customers’ footstep and demand. Like current now, we have done a lot of research in structures lights for 3D inspection, curved surface inspection and so on.


We always know our mission is to provide the high quality products, solution and service to our customers as our effort, it is no doubt that quality and speed decide everything, and at the same time, the price is not too high to accept, we promise that the high quality with the high cost performance and short lead time for our customers.

Sanpo-Yoshi Three Benefits

As a responsible company, it is impossible to survive at a very long period if we just think the benefits of our own. Besides our own benefits, we are also very care about the benefits of our customers and suppliers we believe this three parties can be a good circle, and enjoy the benefit together, then the business can go further and further.