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Vibration Machine Vision Lens

How to Solve the Blur Image Caused by Vibration In some robot vision or some fast machine vision applications, or the vibration hardly situaition, it is probably caused some vibration, this may casue the image blur and it is effected the image stability. So fixedness lens is very important in this machine vision application. In […]

Shaft Shifting Lens Get Clear Images from Different Positions

Shaft Shifting Lens Get Clear Images from Two Different Positions In the machine vision applications, if we want to get a clear image from two different positions, it is some hard to use standard focal lens (CCTV lens) or telecentric lens to achieve such mission, as the depth of view is not enough, how to […]

SWIR Machine Vision Application

SWIR Machine Vision Light in Machine Vision Application  As the product quality inquiry become more serious now, more and more products need to check the inside defects so that the product quality is complete is fine. Current now, there is two different ways to make such inside defects inspection, one way is X-ray, another way […]

Tunnel Line Scan Light for Glass Surface Inspection

As we know the transparent glass is some hard to inspect as the its transparent, and very reflective, sometime it is hard to get a suitable light for it. In order to solve this problem, SBS VISION special optical design Tunnel Line Scan Light is good for such application not matter from the uniformity or […]

SBS VISION more than 1 million lux line scan light under 150mm WD

1. Fan cooling line scan light and air cooling line scan light The intensity of SBS VISION fan cooling line scan light and air cooling line scan light are 1.5 million lux under the 200mm working distance, below is the 300mm illumination length for example. 2. Natural cooling line scan light The intensity of SBS […]

SBS VISION New Lens Catalogue on Line Now

SBS Vision is not just limited in the lighting source solution, but also have many good experiences in lens. we have always been trying to extend our products line as professional as possible, so that we can help customers farthest. Currently, we have many different types of lenses to choose for different application. The most […]

SBS VISION for more creative world

SBS Vision Solution Co., Ltd is the pioneer machine vision solution company growing together with employees, bringing value and strength competition for customers, and making contribution for society. We are a group of companies with four business segments, the four segments are the machine vision LED lights, camera module, lens and optics and vision system […]